WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway

WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway – enter on original post

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I fell in love with Mhairi (pron: Rayfe) McFarlane after reading her novel, IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU. Her books are chick-lit pee-your-panties-laugh-out-loud-funny, but know this, too: they’re not short! Be prepared to settle in for five-hundred plus-pages. It’ll go by fast, but you should know that upfront!

In WHO’S THAT GIRL (Harper), Edie’s a 31-year-old woman working in a busy modern office who is great friends with her boss. He invites her to his wedding and she finds herself kissing him in front of the wife and all the attendees. Edie’s quickly labeled a marriage wrecker ,”the other woman,” bullied on social media and forced to take a leave from work.
“He’s an irrelevant person. Learn to spot irrelevant people. Don’t expect someone who doesn’t know who they are to care about who you are.”
Edie finds herself ghostwriting an autobiography for a spoiled hot new actor, moving home…

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