WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway

WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway – enter on original post

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I fell in love with Mhairi (pron: Rayfe) McFarlane after reading her novel, IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU. Her books are chick-lit pee-your-panties-laugh-out-loud-funny, but know this, too: they’re not short! Be prepared to settle in for five-hundred plus-pages. It’ll go by fast, but you should know that upfront!

In WHO’S THAT GIRL (Harper), Edie’s a 31-year-old woman working in a busy modern office who is great friends with her boss. He invites her to his wedding and she finds herself kissing him in front of the wife and all the attendees. Edie’s quickly labeled a marriage wrecker ,”the other woman,” bullied on social media and forced to take a leave from work.
“He’s an irrelevant person. Learn to spot irrelevant people. Don’t expect someone who doesn’t know who they are to care about who you are.”
Edie finds herself ghostwriting an autobiography for a spoiled hot new actor, moving home…

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Book Review & Giveaway: Candidate for Murder by Lauren Carr

Book Review & Giveaway: Candidate for Murder by Lauren Carr

Bound 4 Escape


It’s election time in Spencer, Maryland, and the race for mayor is not a pretty one. In recent years, the small resort town has become divided between the local year-round residents who have enjoyed their rural way of life and the city dwellers moving into their mansions, taking over the town council, and proceeding to turn Deep Creek Lake into a closed gate community—complete with a host of regulations for everything from speed limits to clothes lines.

When the political parties force-feed two unsavory mayoral nominees on the town residents, Police Chief David O’Callaghan decides to make a statement—by nominating Gnarly, Mac Faraday’s German shepherd, to run as mayor of Spencer!

What starts out as a joke turns into a disaster when overnight Gnarly becomes the front runner—at which point his political enemies take a page straight out of Politics 101. What do you do when you’re behind in a…

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THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN by Lisa Jewell & Giveaway

#Giveaway – THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN by Lisa Jewell

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“Stupid little girls get in over their heads. And look what happens. Just look what happens.”


Best-selling author, Lisa Jewell delivers a suspenseful, page turner, full of plot twists with dark shadows lurking in every corner in her new novel, THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN (Atria).

 The three-acre communal garden is a piece of paradise for all the people who live on the inside of the park. It’s set in the middle of busy urban London, but completely removed. The community is full of friendly families and children who wander freely at night, in and out of neighbors homes, while the parents talk and drink wine at impromptu get-togethers.

But one night after a party, one of the resident 13-year old girls is attacked and found bloodied and unconscious in the rose garden. Generosity is quickly replaced with fear and suspicion falls among the community…

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Color Me Happy! Review and #Giveaway of Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit @TLCBookTours #coloringbook

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Color Me Happy! Review and #Giveaway of Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit @TLCBookTours #coloringbook

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Thank you, TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to share this beautiful adult coloring book.

In this hectic world, everyone is looking for an escape. This book provides inspiration and allows people to tap into creativity. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46

If you would like to win a free copy of this book…I have one to give away. (This giveaway is limited to readers in the continental United States.) Just comment below what your favorite picture to draw was when you were a kid.
Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit: Coloring Designs to Nourish You with Love, Joy, Faith, Peace and More

Goodreads Summary:

In a world that’s not always black and white, it’s often challenging to put the fruit of the Spirit into practice, but this captivating coloring book offers an enjoyable way to quiet the chatter, tap into your creativity, and spend some reflective…

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#BookSale – RESCUING THE BAD BOY by Jessica Lemmon @lemmony

Source: Book Sale! “Hello, Scampi.” A nightmare. I’m having a nightmare. But she wasn’t. If this were a nightmare, she’d be naked. Unfortunately, the naked part had been very real. Like this moment was very real. Which meant Donny Pate was standing in her shop. For real. He’d aged well. Too well, she thought with a … Continue reading #BookSale – RESCUING THE BAD BOY by Jessica Lemmon @lemmony


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Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery cover

Those who have read my previous reviews, will know that if you want to guarantee getting your book in front of my eyes, all you have to do is either put cute puppies or some kind of absolutely delicious dessert on the cover. Yes, I’m that easy. Of course, my taste in reading is certainly more sophisticated than that, but I do love little dogs and yummy treats.

Jenny Colgan’s new novel (or re-released, actually, I’m confused), SUMMER at LITLE BEACH STREET BAKERY (HarperCollins) captured my eye. Who doesn’t want to eat what looks like a delicate macaroon with what must be a tasty frost-filling, topped off with fresh raspberries. Please get me two, and a cup of peppermint tea, and I’m ready to sit down and read away.

This is what HarperCollins says about SUMMER at LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY:

For fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Jojo Moyes, and Jane Green, SUMMER at LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY is an irresistible novel—moving and…

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