#BookBlitz #Giveaway – GRINDED by Heather Slade

Heather Slade
(The Invincibles, #3)
Publication date: April 27th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

When the odds are against them, they fight for each other.

First loves torn apart…

With a Tuscan backdrop of romance and innocence, sixteen-year-olds Miles “Grinder” Stone and Pia Deltetto learn of love and loss. After a whirlwind romance, they return to their separate lives with a hope of reconnecting someday.

Broken and battered…

Severely wounded in battle, Grinder refuses Pia’s sympathy and pity. However, when he realizes the true danger Pia is in, Grinder will do anything to save the only woman he’s ever loved. With everything on the line, she’s forced to trust himr with her estate, her life, and her heart. But has too much time passed to bring to shattered souls back together where they belong?

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Four hours later, I raced out of customs at the Florence airport and into Pia’s waiting arms. My heart raced as I touched her warm, opened her lips with my tongue, and the rest of the world went silent. There were no more birds singing, no sounds of the traffic that surrounded us. Even the wind stilled as I focused solely on the way her body shuddered as I brushed soft kisses from her mouth, down her neck, to the smattering of freckles on her bare shoulder.

“Tell me there’s somewhere we can be alone.”

“Sì,” she said, leading me outside to where a car sat waiting. “Do you want to know where we’re going?”

I shook my head. “I don’t care.”

When the driver opened the back door and we got in, I pulled her into my arms and devoured her mouth like a starving man. We spent the next hour with our lips fused together in one long kiss.

The driver pulled up to what looked like a resort. I got out and waited for Pia to put her hand in mine. I pulled her close and kissed her again. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“Come,” she said as I grabbed our bags from the driver and followed her down a walkway to a villa that looked like a miniature of the one at Valentini.

Once inside, she put her hands on the hem of my shirt; I grabbed the back and pulled it over my head.

Santa Madre di Dio.” She rested her hand on my bare torso, leaned up, and kissed me.

“Pia,” I breathed. “If you want me to stop…tell me now.”

She wound her fingers in my hair and pulled me closer. My blood throbbed, and my heart beat frantically in my chest. All at once, I felt like we were melting into each other, our two bodies dissolving into one.

She reached up and slid her dress off her shoulders. It floated to the wood floor, landing in a heap at our feet and leaving her naked but for her pale pink knickers.

“Touch me,” she demanded, bringing my hand to her breast. I couldn’t resist a taste. My mouth covered her nipple, and we both groaned. Her skin tasted like the sweetest honey; I wanted to lick her everywhere.

Author Bio:

I write stories set in places I love with characters I’d be happy to call friends. The women in my books are self-confident, successful, and strong, with wills of their own, and hearts as big as the Colorado sky. And the men are sublimely sexy, seductive alphas who rise to the challenge of capturing the sweet soul of a woman whose heart they’ll hold in the palm of their hand forever.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an East Coast girl, and then spent half my life on the West Coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – PERFECTION by Kitty Thomas

Kitty Thomas
Publication date: April 8th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Romance

Everyone thought I was married to the perfect man. But if Conall Walsh were perfect, I wouldn’t have killed him.

I thought I got away with it until I received an anonymous note at the ballet company I dance for:

You were a very bad girl. If you don’t want me to report what I know about last night, meet me at the old opera house after rehearsal. I will tell you the price of my silence when you arrive. If you speak of this or bring anyone with you… no deal.

But his price isn’t money. It’s me.

THIS IS A STANDALONE contemporary dark romance.

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There’s a crackling sound and then a booming male voice magnified over a speaker.

“I neither need nor want your money, Ms. Lane” It’s a smooth, rich baritone. But I can’t tell if the voice belongs to someone old or young. And I don’t recognize it.

“Do you know he beat me? He threatened to kill me. What was I supposed to do? He practically owned this city. Do you know how much power he had? What other choice did I have?” I shout into the mostly empty theater.

“Do you know how much power I have?” he counters.

Obviously a lot if he can get into this building and have electricity running in it. “I don’t deserve prison,” I say.

“Murder is a serious crime.” His tone is similar to the one you’d hear in the principal’s office after being caught vandalizing a dumpster behind the school.

“Please…” I feel the hysteria bubbling over as my gaze continues to dart around the cavernous theater, trying to find where he’s hiding, what perch he observes me from. “Please…” I say again… “You said you’d tell me your price. How much? Please. I’ll pay you anything.”

“No, Ms. Lane. Not money. I have plenty of that. The price of my silence is your obedience.”

The stillness that follows this announcement is so complete you could hear a pin drop on the black dance tarp. What the hell does that mean?

“Empty out your dance bag in the center of the stage and spread out all the contents,” he says.

I freeze at that. There’s a gun in my dance bag. I’m not that stupid, that I’d just go meet some mysterious blackmailer without going home to get a weapon first. I mean, come on.

“I want to remind you that we aren’t in a 1940’s noir film. I have a phone on me at all times, and I will use it to report you if you hesitate again.”

I take a deep breath. My hands are visibly shaking as I empty out the dance bag, arranging the contents, carefully concealing the gun in a dance sweater.

“What are you hiding from me?” the voice asks again.

I look around the otherwise empty theater, trying desperately to find the source of that voice.


“Do you want to go to prison, Cassia?”

His use of my first name startles me. It feels too familiar in spite of everything.

The voice continues. “No. Lies. I want to see what you’re hiding.”

I don’t know how I thought I would get away with this. Did I think he’d just show up and confront me in some straight forward face-to-face way? Did I think he’d let me see him? Did I think I’d have a clear shot, and he’d just stand politely still while I put a bullet in him?

What the hell was I thinking?

“Last chance to save yourself,” he says, his patience running out.

I feel like I’ll hyperventilate as I unwrap the gun from the sweater and lay it out on the brightly lit stage. I flinch and look around me as if he’ll somehow swoop down, materialize on top of me, and rip me apart for daring to try to defend myself.

He chuckles. “Were you planning to build a body count? Gotten a taste for it, have you?”

“N-no,” I stammer.

“No, Sir,” he corrects. “I expect a basic level of formality and etiquette when we’re in this space together.”

Everything inside me freezes at this. When we’re in this space together.


Author Bio:

KITTY THOMAS writes dark stories that play with power and have unconventional HEAs. She began publishing in early 2010 with her bestselling COMFORT FOOD and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

To find out FIRST when a new book comes out, subscribe to Kitty’s New Release List: KITTYTHOMAS.COM

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Book+Main Bites / Bookbub


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – WHO WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL by Skye Warren

Who Will Save Your Soul: And Other Dangerous Bedtime Stories
Skye Warren
Publication date: April 14th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance

Features four novellas by New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren. Each standalone story ends in a happily ever after.


Emily’s a pathological liar. When her life is at stake, will anyone believe her?


One dress. One dance. Lucia has one chance to change her life—and the lives of her family.


Jessica is on the run when her car breaks down. A small town sheriff can’t be her knight in shining armor.


Cold. Rough. Merciless. The foreman of the construction crew is going to make her pay every last cent.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


“What are you doing here?” I sputter.

He lifts a crystal tumbler, one finger of some no-doubt expense liquor at the bottom. “Having a drink. You said the kitchen was off limits, but I was thirsty. Hope this is okay.”

His twinkling dark eyes tell me he knows it’s not okay.

Challenge lights the air between us, electric and hot. Part of me wants to pick up the phone on the side table and call mother. The second she knows he’s stomped all over her oriental rugs with his muddy work boots, he’s fired.

That would be a cheap win, though. Too easy. Too banal. Besides, I like the thought of him stomping all over her oriental rugs with his muddy work boots.

“Of course,” I say, sarcasm sharpening my words. “We always offer gardeners top shelf vodka.”

He merely lifts a dark eyebrow. How is it possible for eyebrows to look low class? His do. They’re a mess, broad and unruly. I want to run my tongue over them, smooth them out.

“Do you always show up half-dressed for them, too?” he asks in a musing tone. “Because that’s a real perk. They should put that in their classified ad.”

My cheeks burn hot as I realize how little I’m wearing. The bath towel covers from the slope of my breasts to the tops of my thighs. It’s held together by so little—only the tuck of terry cloth. If it came undone right now I’d be naked in front of him.

“Tell me your name,” I demand, lifting my chin.

“So you can tell your mother about me?”

“Maybe I will.”

“And if I tell her that you came downstairs in only a towel? That you tried to have sex with me? That you were the one who drank half the bottle of scotch?”

My mouth drops open. “That’s a lie.”

“Does that surprise you? That other people lie, too?” He must see the shock on my face; his smile is smile and smug. “Yes, I know about you. Poor little Emily Coulter, can’t tell the truth to save her life.”

A knot around my throat, pulled taut by thick dirt-stained fingers. “How would you know that?” That’s my family’s dirty little secret, but not the worst one. Not by far.

“I know lots of things.”

“And anyway, why are you back already? It’s only been three days. The hedges don’t need to be trimmed every damn day.”

His smile comes slow. “You don’t trust me?”

“Not as far as I could throw you.”

There’s something strange about him, something a little dangerous.

Unfortunately that only makes me like him more.

Author Bio:

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Her books have sold over one million copies. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – DEAR FUTURE EX-WIFE by Jillian Quinn

Dear Future Ex-wife
Jillian Quinn
Publication date: April 23rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

I, Harley McQueen, do not take Nathan King to be my husband…

I wish I could say no to this wedding. But to save our fathers’ company, my ex-best friend needs a fake bride to bail him out of his latest scandal.

Nate has a reputation with women.

I want the promotion my father has denied me for years.

Together, maybe we can make this fake marriage work.

As long as I don’t fall in love with him…


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“Hey there, Queen,” Nate says as he approaches me with a wicked smile on his handsome face. “You look happy to see me,” he jokes, wiggling his eyebrows.

My throat closes up at the sight of him. His dark, wavy hair is gelled and styled to perfection. Tall and muscular, he fills out every inch of the navy suit that molds to his body. Women drool over him now, but I know the nerdy boy who had hair that would never stay put. His teeth were such a mess, he wore braces until our sophomore year of high school. And for a few years, I was several inches taller than Nate. But now, when he leans in to hug me, he has to dip down to meet my height.

He towers over me, his masculine scent filling my nostrils as he kisses my cheek. My skin tingles from the unexpected contact. Heat rushes to my face, which is now on fire from his delicate touch. He’s only doing this because he knows I won’t make a scene in front of our families. Nate takes every opportunity he gets to irritate me.

For as much as I hate him, I still miss him. So, when I hug him back it’s a real one. I don’t want to let him go, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Nate clutches me, his fingers digging into my back. “You look good,” he whispers against the shell of my ear, sending chills down my arms. “I can see the Pilates paid off.”

I gasp at his comment.

Nate laughs in response.

Damn him.

I hate showing that he has any effect on me. More than anything I wish he didn’t have a single ounce of control over me. But he does.

Nate tugs on a strand of my hair, twirling it around his finger. He did this when we were kids because he thought it was funny when I slapped him. My former best friend was an oddball. And now, he’s doing it to torment me. Men like Nate can smell desire on women. He damn well knows I think he’s hot. Nate looks like a walking orgasm in his expensive, silky suit that was tailor-made for him. Everything about him screams sex and money.

“Let’s get started,” my dad says, snapping me back to reality.

I flick Nate’s finger, and he drops his hand to his side. He stares me down with his hauntingly beautiful eyes. When I turn my back to Nate, Stefan is still standing behind the chair he rolled out from the table for me.

Nate sits across from me, though no amount of space is enough because I can practically feel the heat from his gaze rolling down my arms. Our parents get comfortable at the heads of the table, my dad to my left and Richard on the right. Nate’s wingtip hits my heel under the table. I ignore him as he taps me again. A few seconds later, his silky dress sock slides up my calf. I stare across the table at him, and he challenges me with one look.

Do it, his eyes demand. Fight me, Queen.

I hold my breath when his foot grazes my inner thigh. His gaze is pointed down the table at my dad, but I don’t miss the corner of Nate’s mouth lifting slightly into a satisfied smirk. He wants to play with me.

Game on, King.

Author Bio:

Jillian Quinn is an international bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books are light and funny but also on the steamy side. So, don’t be surprised if you have to fan yourself with your Kindle.

As a lover of coffee and a collector of book boyfriends, you can find Jillian most days, thinking about her next romance novel as she pours another cup.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Newsletter


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – BLOOD ALWAYS by Jill Ramsower

Blood Always
Jill Ramsower
(The Five Families #3)
Publication date: April 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance

It was supposed to be business.

Two families, one wedding, zero emotion.

My father’s mafia outfit had saved my life.

I owed them everything.

An arranged marriage was hardly a sacrifice when I would have already been long dead had it not been for them.

I would give up my independence for the Lucciano Family.

I would bind myself to the man whose family tore my life to pieces.

Matteo De Luca was vicious claws sheathed in refinement and class.

He saw my untamed independence as a challenge.

I saw his alluring authority as a threat.

There was a ruthless storm that raged in his oceanic gaze. A majestic tidal wave of temper and domination looking to break on my rocky shores.

He would annihilate me.

Rip open my layers until all my pretty secrets were scattered at his feet.

The worst part? I wanted to experience whatever it was Matteo had to offer, and I hated myself for it.

I wanted to launch myself at him.

To kiss him. To kill him.

To end the debilitating torture of the unknown.

The moment our paths collided, our lives were altered irrevocably.

Taking us from enemies allied by a strategic marriage to something dark and consuming.

Something that tasted like obsession.

Goodreads / Amazon


“If it’s so upsetting to you, why did you agree to it in the first place?” The question wasn’t antagonistic. I truly was curious why she had agreed to the marriage.

At last, her spite-filled eyes found mine. “Because I’m loyal. Because I would do anything for my family.” Finding herself again, her voice regained some of its iron toughness.

“Do you believe the marriage challenges your loyalties?”

“No. I am a Genovese and a Lucciano.”

“Until we marry. Then you’ll be a De Luca and a Gallo.”

She made no reply, but her steadfast gaze answered for her. She would sooner die than be either of those things.

I shouldn’t have cared how she felt. It was irrelevant to my plans and the future of my family, but that didn’t seem to matter. The stirrings of a serpentine anger slithered deep in my gut. I tightened my fists, refraining from grabbing her and shaking sense into her stubborn brain.

What exactly was it I wanted her to understand? That she wanted me? That there were worse things in life than calling herself mine? It hit me like a freight train that I wanted, no … needed, to get under her skin and crumble her brick wall of resolve. I needed to see her come undone and offer herself to me like a sacrificial lamb. I needed to make her so thoroughly mine that she saw me when she looked in the mirror.

I closed the distance between us, caging her against the back of the couch.

Her eyes widened with alarm, but she didn’t fight against me despite what had to be a feral gleam in my eyes. I eased onto one knee beside her and lowered my face to glide my lips along the shell of her ear. Her breathing shuddered.

“You think I’m the worst thing that could happen to you? I promise you could have done a lot worse.” When I pulled back and met her eyes, her customary fire had returned.

She slammed her hands against my chest, shoving me away, then stood toe-to-toe with me. “I’m well aware of just how vile you men can be.”

“You men? So, it’s not just me, it’s the entire gender?”

“What does it matter to you? I thought this was business?” she spat, eyes blazing.

“The arrangement is business, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fuck you. I know you want to fuck me too, regardless of how much you fight against it.”

“You seem to know everything, don’t you?” she spat condescendingly.

“I know you.”

Her posture relaxed, and a vicious smile lit her face. “That’s the one thing you’ll never know. Whether we have sex or not, you’ll never truly know me.”

Her certainty took me aback. I scoured her features and could discern nothing but absolute confidence. She had no intention of letting me in. Ever. Why did that bother me so much? Like she’d said, this was supposed to be business.

I hadn’t gotten where I was in life without a relentless ambition to win. If she was going to pit us against one another, my competitive nature had no choice but to prove her wrong. Maybe if she hadn’t been so goddamn sexy, I could have walked away from the challenge. But as it stood, I was ready to go down with the ship if necessary. I would fight until the end—rip open her layers until all her pretty secrets were scattered at my feet.

Gripping her arms, I spun Maria around and pulled her back to my chest. Her muscles tensed, but she didn’t pull away. I lowered my mouth and nipped at her neck, coaxing a shaky breath from her.

“Challenge accepted.”


Author Bio:

Within a year of self-publishing her first book, Jill Ramsower quit her job as an attorney and dedicated her days to churning out romantic adventures. She likes to think of her books as contemporary romance with a touch of fantasy–at its core, her writing is about the connection between two people. Sometimes that connection involves a little magic…

With Jill’s books, you can count on confident heroines, plenty of steamy tension, and deliciously assertive leading men. There are no guarantees in life, but with her books, you know everything will work out in the end. However, a perfect ending would not be nearly as satisfying without a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Jill loves to add plenty of adversity in her stories, creating unforgettably dynamic characters and sneaky plot twists you will never see coming.

Jill is a Texan, born and raised. She manages the hectic social calendars for her three active children and occasionally spends an evening with her dashing husband. Aside from being an author and a mom, she’s a travel junkie and loves to read when she is not lost in her own stories.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Newsletter


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – BENEATH THE SURFACE by Abbi Cook

Beneath The Surface
Abbi Cook
Publication date: April 14th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I was born and bred to be a killer. It’s all I’m supposed to be.

I take no prisoners. Until Lily. For her, I make an exception. But only for a week.

When I walk in, time starts ticking down to zero. Her father has seven days to save her.

Until then, she’s mine. Mine to have. Mine to take.

Mine to keep.

Goodreads / Amazon


He leans in close to me and takes a deep breath in, letting it out slowly as an ominous hum reverberates in the space around us. “I don’t know what you’re doing, little girl, but trust me, you don’t want to tease a man stuck out alone in the country.”

“You’re not alone. I’m here.”

Cason’s gaze travels down my body and back up again to meet mine. His lids heavy, he looks at me hungrily. “You’re playing with fire here, Lily. You’re going to get hurt.”

My knees shake at how intimidating he sounds, but I press them together and flash him my best fuck me smile. “I’m not a child, Cason. It’s not like I don’t know things.”

“And what do you think this is? Do you think if you get me to fuck you that I won’t want to kill you when the time comes? Is that what you’re thinking?” he asks in a low voice, his warm breath drifting over my ear with each word he practically hisses out before he steps back away from me.

My heart sinks at how callously he dismisses my plan, but I can’t let him see how frightened I am at this very moment. This can work. I know it can. I just have to see it through.

So I take a step closer to him, close enough that I can feel the heat coming from him through that black T-shirt that fits so perfectly over his toned body. I look up into his dark eyes and swallow hard. “What I was thinking was I didn’t want to be alone, Cason.”

The words hang in the sliver of space that separates us as I wait for him to respond. He just needs to say yes and I can do this.

He looks down at my T-shirt, and then his hand touches my hip, sending need dancing through me. “I’m not one of those boys you tease to get your own way, Lily. This is your one last chance to go back to your room and pretend this never happened because if I let you come in, the word no doesn’t exist in here.”

Every word drips with a threat of something he thinks I can’t handle, but I don’t care. Whatever he is inside that room, at least I’ll be alive there at the week’s end.

Author Bio:

Abbi Cook grew up wondering if she was different because she always wanted to know more about the villain than the hero in the stories she read. When she got older, she found there were others in the world like her and devoured their writing, loving every dark word. She’s written her own tales for years, but in 2019 she decided it was time to take the next step and publish them. She’s never looked back since that day.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – COOP by Giulia Lagomarsino

Giulia Lagomarsino
(Reed Security, #22)
Publication date: April 13th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Becky is life. She’s the sunshine that lights up my world. But for some reason, I just can’t seem to fully commit. Everything in my head is screwing with me, and if I don’t figure it out soon, I’ll lose her. And to make matters worse, my sweet angel of a daughter has turned into a rebellious seventeen year old that is doing everything in her power to kill me. Something’s gotta give or I’m going to lose everything I’ve fought for in my life.


Coop has always been a mystery, but he was my mystery. Now, though, I can’t take any more. I want him, but I want all of him. If he can’t let me in, I can’t stick around. I need the whole man, not just the pieces he’s willing to give me. But even if I get him, can I hold onto him? He’s the one thing I want most in this world, but I have a feeling that things aren’t going to go my way.

Goodreads / Amazon


“You want to do what?” Storm asked.

“We’re going to scare the shit out of Kayla.”

“And why would we do that?” Tacoman asked.

“Because she’s breaking the fucking rules, and one of these times, it’s not going to turn out so well for her.”

Storm shoved his gun in his holster and then strapped on his knife. Tacocheese was putting on his vest. “I’m still not seeing what you hope to accomplish,” Storm grumbled.

“Hey, Thunders, when you have kids, you’ll understand.”

“Kids? Ha, never gonna happen. Troublemakers, all of them.”

“Exactly. The plan is, we’ll surround the house and then storm in, scaring the shit out of Kayla and whoever she’s with.”

“You want us to storm someone’s house?” Tacoman shook his head. “Not happening. You’re gonna get us all arrested.”

“We have Sean on speed dial. It’ll be fine.”

“No, I’m pretty sure we’re all gonna end up in jail.”

I glared at Tachocheese. “Are you a man or a pussy?”

“A man?”

“If this was your kid, sneaking out of the house at all hours, showing up at someone else’s house, someone you have no fucking clue about, wouldn’t you do anything you could to make sure that she thought twice about ever doing something so stupid again?”

“I don’t know. I think I’d let it play out and see what she’s up to.”

“And that’s the difference between us. I’m not leaving my kid in a potentially dangerous situation that could get her killed. What if she’s with a rapist right now and doesn’t even know it? They hide in plain sight, hunting the weak.”

“But Kayla’s not weak,” Storm pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter. She’s inexperienced. Anyone can see that and they will use it against her.”

“I still think this is fucking ridiculous,” he grumbled as he strapped on the last of his gear.

“Rob, come in,” I said over coms.

“I read you loud and clear.”

“Send me the address. We’re heading out.”

“Copy that.”

We headed for the SUV and climbed in. I was driving because I was pissed and needed control over something right now. It was a short drive into town. I parked a block away from the address and hurried down the street, sticking to the shadows.

“Alright, Storm, you head for the back door. Tacocheese, you’ve got the garage door. I’ll take the front. I want all the information we can before we enter. If you see the target in trouble, we move in right away.”

“Just for the record, I don’t think Kayla would like being called a target,” Storm said. I slapped him upside the head, ignoring his scowl.

“Let’s move out.”

I made my way through the bushes to the front door, peeking inside the windows as I went. I was just about to get in position when I saw her move through the house, laughing at some asshole that was trying to grab at her. I saw red.

“Target acquired. Everyone in position.”

I tested the front door, checking to see if it was locked. It was. At least I knew she was trying to remain safe indoors.

“Copy that,” Storm said. “Ready to storm this nice suburban house.”

“Yeah,” Tacocheese grumbled. “I’m ready for jail.”

“Move out.”

I kicked at the door twice and then gave a final boot to the door and watched it swing wide open, banging against the wall. I saw the look of shock on Kayla’s face as I moved into the living room and cleared the area. The asshole moved in front of her, trying to protect her. Wrong fucking move.

“Down on your knees,” I shouted, pointing my gun at him. I knew that Tony Tacos and Storm were clearing the rest of the house, so I kept my gun trained on this asshole. He slowly moved to his knees, but my girl stood tall, refusing to get down. Obviously, she knew who I was. She would recognize the gear anywhere.

“Kayla, baby, get down. Just do as he says.”

“No,” she said defiantly.

I walked forward slowly and placed my boot right over the fucker’s fingers, slowly lowering the weight of my body on top of his hand. He screamed in agony, but I remained staring at Kayla.

“Still want to stay standing?” I asked her.

“You’re being an asshole,” she shouted.

“An asshole,” I repeated, lifting my boot just enough to kick the fucker in the side. He tipped over, holding his side and gasping for air. Kayla stared at me incredulously.

“What are you doing? You’re gonna get thrown in jail!”

“Kayla,” the fucker whimpered. “Just do as he says.”

I waited for her to listen, but my defiant little girl just wouldn’t do it. I quickly snatched him off the floor and held him against my body, my arm wrapped around his throat. Tony Tacos and Storm entered the room, both with wide eyes.

“Oh shit,” Tacos grumbled. “We’re so going to jail.”

“Should I call Cap?” Storm asked.

“He would do the same fucking thing if it was Caitlin,” Tony answered.

“Just…don’t kill him,” Storm said, narrowing his eyes at me.

I grinned maniacally. “I’ll take that into consideration.” I turned to the kid, whispering in his ear. “Have you ever felt the sting of a really sharp blade against your neck?” He shook his head wildly. “That’s a shame. It’s really a very…exciting feeling. Let me show you.”

I pulled out my knife and slid it ever so slowly against his neck, not actually putting him in any danger. I was quite good with a knife and there was no chance that I would accidentally nick him.

“Doesn’t it make you feel alive?”

He shook his head slightly.

“Dad, would you stop fucking with him?” Kayla said in exasperation.

“Dad? This is your dad?” the fucker shouted.

“Nice to meet you. You can call me Mr. Cooper.”


Author Bio:

I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.

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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – EDGE OF DARKNESS by Freya Barker

Edge Of Darkness
Freya Barker
(Arrow’s Edge MC #2)
Publication date: April 9th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Road rash and Jack meets handcuffs and street smarts.

I am a wandering disaster.

A hedonist, a lover, a son, and a rebel.

My name is Yuma.

I’m sober enough to see the need for redemption, but too blind to realize I already found it.

I am an independent seeker.

An overachiever, a friend, a misfit, and a cop.

My name is Lissie.

I’m determined enough to find acceptance, but too stubborn to see all I need is my own.

We shouldn’t get involved—all the odds are against us—but when bodies turn up on common ground and lines between duty and purpose get blurred, our future becomes clear.

Goodreads / Amazon


Author Bio:

Award-winning author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Driven to make her books about ‘real’ people; she creates characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills in their lives.

Recipient of the ReadFREE.ly 2019 Best Book We’ve Read All Year Award for “Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, and Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, Freya continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – RANDOM Series by Julia Kent

The Random Series
Julia Kent
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

It all started with a naked hitchhiker wearing a guitar — and only a guitar.

And turned into a New York Times bestseller.

A random meeting between a rural Ohio chick and a rich Boston musician kickstarted all sorts of random acts of love and lust — and got even more complicated when his bandmate entered the picture.

And never left.

From unconventional love to second-chance romance to your wildest desires, The Random Series will have you giggling, swooning, and fanning yourself to the heart-pounding beat of the sexiest, most daring and irresistible musicians to come out of Boston.

Five band members form the up-and-coming group Random Acts of Crazy–each with a story of his own in this long-running series.

Let these rock stars take you on a CRAZY wild ride, and with a little TRUST, they can fulfill your every FANTASY.

The Random Series includes:

Goodreads / Amazon

EXCERPT (book 1):


The last everloving fucking thing I expected to see as I drove down I-76 toward my lit-tle hometown of Peters, Ohio was a buck-naked man wearing a spiked collar and a gui-tar.

I mean, only wearing a collar and a guitar. The man was barefoot, for goodness sake. On the highway. In May, in Oh-fucking-hi-o, where winter isn’t a season but a state of mind.

How could I not stop and offer him a ride? Seriously? Where was he hiding a weapon? Okay, Okay, maybe up there, but think about it for a minute. He’d have to twist quite a bit to access anything he hid up his puckered—well, there!

And he wasn’t a bit hard on the eyes, either. Kind of a Brad Pitt circa 1991 look, before he married Miss Toothpick and then left her for that wan Elvira and her weak Michelle Duggar imitation.

Anyhow…back to the naked hitchhiker. My 1986 Toyota Tercel wasn’t anything special but it, um, had a floor. And a windshield. And a place for Mr. Naked to rest his weary nuts. The vinyl might be cracked and faded and it wasn’t no Giving Tree from that Shel Silverstein book, but at least the man could give his balls a rest. Those muscles looked like they could sure use some eyes hungrily ogling them, too, for they screamed for loving attention. If I couldn’t touch, I could at least be the one to stare, right? I’m a giver like that.

Always thinking about others.


Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.

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#BookBlitz #Giveaway – I WOULD NEVER…BUT IF I DID by Maria Ann Green

I Would Never…But If I Did
Maria Ann Green
Publication date: April 10th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Taryn Sams doesn’t believe in love. Period. Every time she’s gotten close, her happiness has been ripped from her, proving once again the only thing worth believing in is the inevitability of her own – and others – screw ups.

For Austin Wright, Taryn is the one who got away. But really, if he’s honest with himself, he pushed her away, with one hard shove. He did the one thing he told her he never would do, and shattered both of their hearts. But it’s been years since then, and somehow Austin and Taryn found a way to be friends, albeit dysfunctional ones.

Theo Evans is the other man in Taryn’s life. He’s also Austin’s best friend. But, to be fair, he’s been in love with Taryn longer. He accepts Taryn as she is, broken, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be the one she chooses in the end.

Taryn isn’t the only one with someone else in her life. Austin has a girlfriend he’s trying to see a future with even though she can’t live up to those that came before. Yet they keep coming back together like magnets, unable to resist the pull to each other. Taryn continues her relationship with Theo while starting up again with Austin, willing to give him one more shot though not willing to let go of Theo just yet. While juggling the two men, she’s hoping that her once-bitter heart will eventually open up and tell her who to choose, hoping that she isn’t deluding herself yet again about what’s real and what’s possible.

Can love win Taryn over, or will she screw up her own life yet again, and the lives of at least three others in the process?

Goodreads / Amazon


“I would never cheat on her, but if I did, it would only be with you.”

His stupid, insensitive words, from who-the-fuck-knows how long ago, a lifetime—from a couple girlfriends ago—feel more and more like I imagined them. And still, I can’t let go; they rattle and clank but just won’t leave. So I tip the bottle of booze back, taking another long pull. And I shouldn’t be surprised when I have to bite back both the gag and mouthful of saliva that follow way too quickly. At this point, it’s almost instant. But I am. Though, after some quick swallowing and a violent shudder, I’m pretty sure it’s not coming back up.


I don’t even know why I’m thinking about him, about that, I forget what brought it up this time. But something always does, and, every time, those memories lead to nights like this.


Looking between the bottle in my hand and Maicy eyeing me like I’m a glass on the edge of a shelf, too close to falling, to shattering, I can’t take it. I just can’t. No thank you.

So I take another drink, intending to get drunk.


Author Bio:

Maria lives in Minnesota despite the frozen winters. Actually, she prefers snow drifts and icicles over summer and all that sweat running everywhere. She lives with her husband and little family, which includes a couple lazy cats who make great lap warmers. You can usually find her whishing that she lived in a secret cabin in the woods where she could be a hermit reading and writing all of the time. Instead she lives the suburban life where she pretends to her neighbors and the other moms around that she doesn’t swear like a sailor, have hidden tattoos, and love a good glass bottle of wine. She absolutely believes in unicorns and ghosts and hopes vampires and monsters are real too. She’s a coffee-in-the-morning and wine-in-the-evening kind of person, preferably with a nap in between. Maria prefers cats over dogs, books over people, and late nights over early mornings. She probably shouldn’t talk to anyone until she’s had her first cup of coffee. And if you ever want to hang out with her, you’ll have to be game for a horror movie or just a quick run to target for two (hundred) little things. Also, you couldn’t pay her to be in her twenties again; Thirties is where it’s at. She’s a creative, mouthy, introverted, proud bisexual, highly-sensitive INFJ, Slytherpuff, dork with a sweet-tooth.

Maria devours books, reading mostly in bed or listening to audio books in the car. Writing has been one of her passions for pretty much her whole life. So creativity is a necessity for her, always. After working in the mental health field for almost a decade, she’s now living her dream as a stay-at-home writer, kiddo wrangler, professional snuggler, and constantly-tired-person. When it comes to her writing, she specializes in dark and twisted thrillers or gritty, angsty contemporary romances. But no matter the genre, she always prefers writing deeply flawed characters with dysfunctional relationships. She’s pretty sure the whole “unlikable character” thing is a conspiracy because every character she loves have been labeled this way. Ridiculous. And because of this, she’s pretty much found it impossible to write anything without at least a little mayhem.

Maria was once told she painted with her words, and that phrase stuck with her – because writing really is an art, and good stories are true masterpieces. She’s always trying to grow and improve in her craft, shooting for a masterpiece of her own someday. And she plans to write forever because writing gives Maria the ability to disappear into new worlds and create people within twisting plots, all from the comfort of her couch. She will always believe that though not every story is for her, and her stories aren’t for everyone, every story has a reader.

Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter


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