#5Stars #Review – WRONG TURN by Samantha Chase

Wrong Turn (RoadTripping #2) by Samantha Chase  She’s never really been one to make waves, but when it comes to that guy, Chelsea’s willing to make an exception. There’s just no way she can let her best friend make the biggest mistake of her life by marrying him. She’ll do anything to stop the wedding, even … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – WRONG TURN by Samantha Chase

#5Stars #Review – DRIVE ME CRAZY by Samantha Chase

Drive Me Crazy (RoadTripping #1) by Samantha Chase  One car.Two strangers.Infinite possibilities. Grace Mackie is having the worst day. Finding out her fiancé only proposed for the sake of a promotion is one thing. But discovering he’d also knocked up his assistant? There’s no coming back from that. Desperate to escape her own destination wedding, she’ll … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – DRIVE ME CRAZY by Samantha Chase

#5Stars #Review – SUNRISE ON HALF MOON BAY by Robyn Carr

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr  Sometimes the happiness we’re looking for has been there all along… Adele and Justine have never been close. Born twenty years apart, Justine was already an adult when Addie was born. The sisters love each other but they don’t really know each other. When Addie dropped out of … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – SUNRISE ON HALF MOON BAY by Robyn Carr

#5Stars #Review – THE LIGHT AFTER THE WAR by Anita Abriel

The Light After the War by Anita Abriel  Inspired by an incredible true story of two Jewish friends who survived the Holocaust, this sweeping novel of love and friendship spans World War II from Budapest to Austria and the postwar years from Naples to Caracas, perfect for fans of The German Girl and We Were the Lucky Ones. It … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – THE LIGHT AFTER THE WAR by Anita Abriel

#5Stars #Review – HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

How to Save a Life by Liz Fenton (Goodreads Author), Lisa Steinke (Goodreads Author)  The bestselling authors of The Good Widow deliver a modern, suspenseful twist on Groundhog Day that asks the question: How far are you willing to go to save the life of someone you love? Dom is having a very bad day—one he literally can’t escape. When Dom bumps into … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

#5Stars #Review – THE SUMMER DEAL by Jill Shalvis

The Summer Deal (Wildstone #5) by Jill Shalvis  From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes a friends-to-frenemies-to-sisters story… And then add in a love story (okay, two love stories). Shake. Stir. Read on a lazy summer day at the beach. Brynn Turner desperately wishes she had it together, but her personal life is like a ping-pong … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – THE SUMMER DEAL by Jill Shalvis

#5Stars #Review – THE COUNTRY GUESTHOUSE by Robyn Carr

The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan's Crossing #5) by Robyn Carr  A summer rental, a new beginning… Hannah Russell’s carefully crafted plans for her life have been upended without warning. When her best friend died suddenly, Hannah became guardian to a five-year-old named Noah. With no experience at motherhood, she’s terrified she’s not up to the challenge. She … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – THE COUNTRY GUESTHOUSE by Robyn Carr

#5Stars #Review – SPLITTING HEIRS by Diane Michaels

Splitting Heirs by Diane Michaels  A family fight over a New York-sized fortune? Fugetaboutit! In her dreams, Lauren sells the most fabulous properties in New York City. In reality, she’s scraping by on the tiny commission she earned seven months ago. Plus she just accidentally set fire to the only other listing in her portfolio. Lauren … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – SPLITTING HEIRS by Diane Michaels

#BlogTour #Giveaway #5Stars #Review – A FLAIR FOR GOBLINS by Deborah Garner

NEW RELEASE....When Sadie Kramer agrees to help decorate for San Francisco’s high-society Halloween Spooktacular, she expects to find whimsicalghosts, skeletons, and jack-o-lanterns when she shows up at theWainwright Mansion, not a body. Especially not the body of thewoman in charge of the charity event. With two detectives, a paranormal investigator turned televisionstar, and a cauldron … Continue reading #BlogTour #Giveaway #5Stars #Review – A FLAIR FOR GOBLINS by Deborah Garner

#5Stars #Review – THE GOOD STRANGER by Dete Meserve

The Good Stranger (Kate Bradley Mystery #3) by Dete Meserve  From the bestselling author of Good Sam—now a Netflix feature film—comes another Kate Bradley story about the nature of generosity and finding unexpected connections with strangers. TV reporter Kate Bradley arrives in Manhattan ready to take on a challenging new position as a national news correspondent. When … Continue reading #5Stars #Review – THE GOOD STRANGER by Dete Meserve