#Review – THEY DANCED ON by Carre Armstrong Gardner

They Danced on (The Darlings #3)

They Danced on (The Darlings #3)

by Carre Armstrong Gardner 

Nothing is more important to Jane Darling than her family. She’s dedicated her life to raising her children, and they all appear to be doing well. She can finally relax and enjoy life. But when her husband becomes seriously ill, Jane finds herself taking on the most difficult role of her life.

Laura Darling moved away to escape the expectations of her family. Ever since she went through rehab, they watch her like a hawk. Now she has a good job, new friends, and no one to criticize her or comment on everything she’s doing. But when everything begins to unravel, Laura’s heart turns toward home.

Follow the Darling family through triumph and tragedy as they struggle with an uncertain future. 


I have grown to love the Darlings. I feel as though they are family. This book brought to life their family and the drama within a large family. I wish all the questions were answered but I think the way it ended gave the characters closure. A hopeful weekend read!

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They Danced on

They Danced on by Carre Armstrong Gardner

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