#BlogTour #Excerpt – ALL I WANT IS YOU by Patricia Mar

All I Want Is You

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A hilarious love story for anyone in search of a happy ending. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk.

Sara De Michele is now engaged to the most beautiful male model in all the world, Daniel Gant. But this can come with its fair share of problems: from jealous ex-girlfriends to long distance relationship issues. Sara just isn’t sure if she can really ever fit into his glamorous world…

And then Daniel’s cousin, the beautiful Giovanni moves in, and begins to cause more meddling problems for them both…

Meanwhile, rumours are flying all over the place about Daniel’s escapades in Hollywood… can Sara really trust him? Will they ever be able to make it despite the odds?

The perfect escapist read for your summer holidays.



“Joking aside, I’ve had an idea – how would you two like to pose together for me? I wanted to propose a piece about you both to the magazine, and I’ve got a fantastic set up in mind for it.”

Daniel’s face grew puzzled, and he gave Sara an inquiring look. He knew how much she hated being the centre of attention and how uncomfortable it made her, and even though he thought it was a fantastic idea, he wanted her to be the one who made the decision.

“Erm… I…” Sara found herself stammering. She had no idea what to say. She was flattered, but she was scared to death too.

“You two are the couple of the year, you’re in love and so united, I would really like to take a few snaps of you together… If you want to think about it, talk it over…”

Her head began spinning as the pros and cons of doing a photo shoot with Daniel flashed through her head at the speed of light. Damn it, it was so frustrating to always be so meticulous. But she was learning. Being the girlfriend of Daniel Gant made thinking like that seem silly and unnecessary, because if she was going to be with him then she had to take risks and, if necessary, jump without worrying about whether she had a parachute. After all, she was about to marry him, what was wrong with making their relationship even more official with a photo shoot? She shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. She glanced fleetingly at her boyfriend. He was so wonderful and she thought of herself as being so normal, so ordinary. Together in a fashion magazine they would look like beauty and the beast, but with the roles reversed. Unless, of course, the miracles of photoshop managed to save her.

“But Jim, look at me! I’m not a model!”

“I don’t want a model, Sara, I want you… The camera will love you, take it from someone who knows what he’s talking about.”

It was Sara who laughed this time, and Daniel patted her back gently as though to reassure her. “It’s fine with me if you don’t want to do it, but you know he’s right – you’re beautiful, darling, and in a photo shoot you would look amazing.”

“I’d shatter the lens, more like.”

“Just like you’ve shattered my heart,” chuckled Jim, as Daniel raised his eyebrows at his friend’s comment.

“Oh, come on…” Sara smiled, finally feeling more relaxed. What could possibly go wrong? After all, doing a photo shoot with Daniel would be a way to be a part of his job, which she knew meant so much to him.

“So, will you let me know?”

Sara turned to Daniel. “Okay – if you want to do it, I’m in!”

Daniel couldn’t hide his surprise. “Seriously? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know!”

“I know I don’t, but I’d be proud to be in a photo shoot with you.” She gave him an affectionate look and Daniel kissed her cheek then reached out to shake Jim’s hand.

“It’s a deal then. I’ll be in touch.”

“Fantastic. Okay, I’ll leave you to your dancing.”

“Off you go, then…” said Daniel, pushing him away.

“See you soon, guys! And merry Christmas!”

“Same to you!” Sara just had time to say before Jim was swallowed up by the crowd.

“Are you sure you want to, baby?”

“I’m totally sure. It’ll be fun – and for once, I’ll feel like a superstar!”

“You already are a superstar. You’re really quite determined when you put your mind to it… Come on, let’s have a drink and I’ll introduce you to some friends.”

“Okay, boss!”

Sara was feeling enthusiastic: the idea of indulging in such madness was liberating. Sara De Michele, fashion model for a day, and for the same magazine she’d once arrived late for a job interview for. The idea tickled her – in fact, it made her want to gloat, and all of her plans for revenge were instantly forgotten. Everything was going smoothly, everything was…

Oh no.

It couldn’t be.

Delphina was there?

Delphina McDougal, Daniel’s ex, wearing a dress made of some fabric so flimsy it looked like some kind of bikini… She was there? Why wouldn’t destiny let Sara forget about her? Why did karma always make her appear in front of her, half naked and beautiful? Thinking fast, Sara diverted Daniel’s attention with the nonchalance of a hardened strategist, distracting him enough so that he wouldn’t notice the shark at ten o’clock ready to tear him apart with her sharp, perfectly white teeth.


Mar_Patricia PATRICIA MAR was born in Ravenna. Her great passions have always been writing and reading. She never leaves home without a book in her handbag. STUCK ON YOU, her first novel, was originally self-published, and has been a bestseller in Italy.

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