The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd (Charlotte Dodd, #0.5)

The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd
by Holly Kerr

Review4 Stars

I read this book as the second book instead of the first book and it provided a little more insight into why things were the way they were in book one. Even with the complex storyline, the book was still able to stay a novella length. A great introductory book for a fun-filled series!


Before Charlotte Dodd had a secret life…

Before she lost her memories, Charlotte Dodd still has a secret life, but at least she could remember it. She was an agent for NIIA, happy in her new found love for Hamilton Short, and dealing with usual missions like saving the world from killer viruses (why are they always named after animals, like swine and elephant? Gives the animals a bad rap).

But then her brother bursts into her life with a secret for her. After being told her mother died years ago, Seamus tells Charlotte she is still alive and being held against her will.

No proof or anything. Just a sketchy plan to rescue her.

Of course Charlotte heads off with Seamus, going against the NIIA and Ham to find out what really happened to her mother.

Sometimes missing things are better off not being found.

A novella prequel to The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd.

About Holly Kerr

Holly Kerr writes chick lit, rom-com and women’s fiction – books about strong women going after what they want. Her Charlotte Dodd series lets her live out her fantasies of being an action hero.

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