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Promo Signup || Beyond Physical by D. Pichardo Johansson (1/4 Cover Reveal, 1/15 Release Blitz, 1/22-1/26 Blog Tour)Beyond Physical by D. Pichardo-Johansson
Series: Beyond Romance #1
Published by D. Pichardo-Johansson on January 15, 2018
Genre: Mystery Romance

Someone is murdering politicians all over the country, and everything points to supernatural forces at work. But FBI agent Richard Fields has always relied on his strong sense of logic and is determined to expose the truth.

The lazy beach-town of Fort Sunshine, Florida seems to be the epicenter of a secret New Age society implicated in the murders. Richard’s way of finding the killers may end up being Dr. Joy Clayton, a woman who intrigues him. She magnetizes Richard, but he knows better than to trust someone who looks too good to be true. In order to solve the mystery, he’ll have to infiltrate himself in her life and uncover her secrets. He will also need to immerse himself in the teachings of an uncommon Spiritual Master who will shake his skeptical world.

Solving the case not only holds the future to Richard’s career, it’s also a matter of National Security. The clock is ticking before the assassins strike again. But as Richard is forced to go beyond his logic and physical senses, he may find himself fighting an enemy larger than he expected––his own demons.


On a warm and humid Florida night, Michael O’Hara walked out of a house toward his silver Mercedes-Benz convertible. His slow pace and drooping shoulders suggested exhaustion and despair. A hint of tears shone in his blue eyes, and his blond hair, usually camera ready, was slightly disheveled.

Loosening his silk tie with one hand, he used the other to search for his car keys in the pocket of his expensive suit pants and then unlocked the door.

Frowning, he got in the car and drove off in silence. Tonight he didn’t try to tune in to the news or listen to music.

The full moon was breathtaking, high over the cypresses and palm trees. On his right side, the distant lights of the city reflected on the waters of the Indian River. The view of the causeway over the water would usually catch his eye, but tonight he was unable to tend to anything but his dark thoughts.

Without warning, a fiery sword pierced his soul, and he felt as if lightning struck him.

Gasping, he brought his right hand to his chest.

And then all the lights went out.

Chapter 1

Richard Fields had nearly died three times in the past four years. He’d been shot, stabbed, and run over by a motorcycle—small nuisances of working undercover among sociopaths for the FBI. However, today he could’ve sworn this hangover was the sickest he’d felt in his whole life.

And now this.

Sitting in the passenger seat while his friend Samuel drove, Richard wondered what he’d done to deserve being punished. When the FBI promoted Samuel to Assistant Special Agent In Charge, leading the Fort Sunshine resident office, Richard was glad to have a boss who didn’t hate him for the first time in his life. But maybe he’d been wrong, and Samuel did hate him. Why else would he drag him to the county jail on a day when he felt so sick? And all to interrogate a lunatic—a woman who claimed she’d killed the Alaska governor from her house in Florida, by “using her mental powers.”

As usual, Samuel’s dark lips struggled to keep a repressed smile from breaking through as he drove. Richard groaned. “Sam, you’re always in such a good mood. It’s irritating.”

Samuel chuckled. “I’ve told you my secret. Find a woman who feels like your best friend in the world. Then marry her.”

Richard glowered at him. Sam remained the only person he knew who’d been with the same woman for thirty years and was still enjoying it. “No, thank you. The years I spent married to the hypochondriac, drama-queen mother of my son were enough punishment.”

Rolling his eyes, Samuel replied, “You’ve been divorced for seven years. It wouldn’t hurt you to at least try to find a nice woman. You know, one you didn’t pick up from a bar or a club or . . . a methadone clinic.”

Richard snickered. “Thanks, Sam, but I don’t need a steady woman making me miserable. I’m pretty good at that myself.”

About D. Pichardo-Johansson

Dr. Pichardo-Johansson is a Board Certified physician practicing in Florida. Her Romance specialty is “Connection of the minds and the souls, more than only the bodies.” Her Mystery specialty is “How to murder someone and ensure a negative autopsy.”

She’s also a firm believer in the body-mind-spirit link and the healing power of laughter. Her motto is that The Best Health Booster Is Wanting to be Alive. For that reason, she only writes positive stories, uplifting for the heart.

Dr. Pichardo-Johansson is a self-proclaimed “Expert on Finding Love Against All Prognoses.” She lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her Soulmate Husband—a reformed eternal bachelor turned into happy stepfather—and her four children, including twins and a child with special needs.

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