25 Days of Christmas

Pre-Order Link: http://amzn.to/2B7OMkC

25 Days of Christmas: A Holiday Romance Anthology
In the run up to Christmas instead of opening your advent calendar each day,
why not read a short holiday-themed romance?
25 short stories from a variety of romance authors,
all set on making your holiday season
sassy, sweet and saucy.
The Authors Involved Include:
Hanleigh Bradley – The AFWB Boss Lady, Anna Edwards – One of Our Gold Members, Serena Kearney – A friend of the AFWB Community, Aleisha Maree – one of the AFWB Team, S.M. Stryker – A friend of the AFWB Community, Ines Vieira – one of the AFWB Team, Adam Walker – One of the AFWB Team, Rae B. Lake – One of our Gold Members, Sheritta Bitikofer – One of our Bronze Members, Sarah Stein – One of our Gold Members, Gloria Herrmann – One of our Bronze Members, Meg Anne – another AFWB Gold Member, Amy Allen – a friend of the AFWB Community, Toni Charles – one of our Bronze Members, Cathy Johns – One of our Gold Members, Janet Mota – another Bronze Member, Jeannette Keats – a friend of the AFWB Community, Debbie Fair – An AFWB Bronze Author, M. Kristine – A Gold Member, B.A. Strobel – one of the AFWB Team, Nickii Fowler – another member of the AFWB Team, Kim Deister – an AFWB Gold Member.

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Every couple has ‘their special’ place, but after Willow and Kaiden spend a secret weekend together, their lives change in ways they never expected.

Ten years later, they see each other again. Each carries secrets to ashamed and unwilling to share until they realize they only have each other to lean on.

Willow thought that is she got married, she would forget Kaiden. She thought her life was good until she found out she was pregnant. When her husband demands her to terminate the pregnancy, Willow returns to the one place she found solace.

After a tragic accident, Kaiden withdrew from everyone he loved, including Willow. By the time he finally realized what he had done, Willow was already gone. Giving herself to another man. She wasn’t his any longer.

Who ever said that dreams would come true if you wished upon stars? Or do they?


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