Title: Seven Hours Challenge Accepted
Author: Angelina Kerner
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: July 31st, 2016

One pill every 7 hours. That could be all it takes to give Chanel the chance to finally see the world around her.

Chanel is an independent 19-year-old, despite what her overprotective mother and senator father may think. Being the daughter of a Senator comes with its own problems, one simple afternoon out with friends becomes overwhelming when they’re swarmed by reporters.

Keeping the secret of the experimental treatment close to her chest, she is able to fool everyone but her hawkeyed bodyguard, Leon, that has now been assigned to protect her.

Chanel doesn’t want a bodyguard, but will she get more than she bargained for?

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“You know, I am a little surprised at your confidence.” A nearby male voice stated.  It brought me out of my thoughts and causing my foot to slip on the final step.

I calculated the space between the ground and myself, which was not too bad. There would be no broken bones.

However, I didn’t fall down… I instead fell into Leon’s arms.

It was Leon who had spoken. I could now tell that it was him because he did not have the same spicy, almost leathery smell that Sheriff James had.

“I guess, I should have waited to say something until after you had finished walking down the stairs,” Leon said as he assisted me to stand upright.

I tilted my head to the left and then right.

“Yes, you startled me. I wasn’t aware that you left the kitchen.”

“My bad,” Leon said.

“You speak,” I joked.


His response seemed nervous.

“You are my bodyguard,” I said, stating the obvious.


“Do you want to be a bodyguard?” I queried, hoping to elicit an answer from him besides his single syllabled one.


“Do you want to be my bodyguard?” I asked, hoping that he would say no so that I could tell my parents.

That would give me a day, at least, for them to scramble to find another one. Then, I would keep finding excuses until they ran out of candidates.


His answer surprised me despite being the same.

I exhaled in defeat, gripping my forehead, feeling pain coming on again. I closed my eyes and counted to ten.

“Are you really blind?” Leon asked.

“I think your question is misplaced,” I returned heatedly.

“I don’t think so,” Leon disagreed. “I’ve met blind people before.  They weren’t as confident as you are.”

“How old were they?” I asked, rubbing my forehead.

“Teenagers,” he replied.

“Were they always blind?” I asked.


“I have been blind all my life. I have never seen my mother’s face, nor a tree’s branches dancing in the wind, nor the ocean. The ocean, that is what everyone writes about.” I sighed deeply, making my point abundantly clear that I was most definitely blind. “I have lived like this all my life. I have no other choice but to be confident with it.”

He didn’t respond right away. I twisted my head to listen to the upstairs noises. My parents hadn’t come down the stairs yet.

“You don’t want a bodyguard?” Leon concluded.

“No,” I hissed. “I don’t want one, nor do I need one.”

“Have you been in this situation before,” Leon quizzed, “I mean, one like the one that took place yesterday?”

“When I was a child,” I replied. “However, then, I had my father to protect me. Now, I protect myself.”

“Have you told this to your parents?” Leon continued.

“Yes,” I snapped. “Are you trying to make me mad?”

“No,” Leon replied. “I’m trying to get to know the way that you think.”

“Then you should have done it over coffee,” I snapped, once more as I felt for the wall to my right.

I knew that I needed to walk straight to get to the kitchen.

“I can tell that you don’t like me already,” Leon commented as I drew away from him.

“What gave you that idea?” I tossed back at him.

“You didn’t ask anything about me,” Leon replied.

“Well, if I’m stuck with you, I believe that I’ve got plenty of time for that.”

I stopped in my tracks as I heard him come around me.

“You don’t have one ‘getting to know you,’ question for me?” Leon asked.

“For the record, you didn’t ask me a question like that either.” I returned, crossing my arms in front of me. “You asked about my blindness and confidence.”

“I need to know who I’m protecting. Your disability is an important aspect about who you are,” Leon explained.

“I don’t see it as a disability,” I replied, unfolding my arms to reach with my right hand forward.

I touched Leon’s chest.  I noted that he was a little taller than me.  I moved my hand up, spreading my fingers out across the outline of his body as I moved up to his neck, his strong chin, his lips, stopping at his left eye.

“What color are your eyes?”

“Brown,” Leon replied. “A lighter shade of darkness.”

His explanation aided me as I continued to explore.  He didn’t move away or stop me from my review of his features with my hand.

“That is the only color I know,” I confessed.

Say Hello to author Angelina Kerner!

Angelina Kerner, a Pisces, was born during the Chinese astrological year of the Snake, which she absolutely adores. Angelina loves snakes and was once allowed to feed one a rat. That was an experience of a lifetime.

She moved around during her young years from Novosibirsk to Kaluga in Russia. Finally settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, her teenage years were spent dancing in troupes and performing on stage. The dances ranged from waltz to tango, from Jewish to Russian, and finally belly dance. She was accepted into six out of seven universities and decided to stay close to her family. Angelina pursued a psychology degree until she saw graduates working for Starbucks and then decided to pursue another career path in the Department of Social Sciences. The difficult coursework, her job, and finding her life partner inspired her to turn to writing which, at the time, wasn’t so much a hobby as a way to escape daily routine.

She worked on countless stories, never really finishing them, but came to understand that flash fiction wasn’t for her. After finding an online community where she met her best friend, her writing flourished, making publication a possible next step. She is now the author of Deity’s Soulmate, a fantasy novel for 18 and over, and of Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted, a chick-lit novella where the main character is disabled. She aspires to publish her other fantasy and crime fiction works soon. Her next project involves a competition for a beautiful Phoenix. That novel will, hopefully, make its debut in 2018. Angelina currently divides her time between her family, work, writing, and a lot of cats. She is super excited because her son was born in February 2017.

Visit her website at http://www.kernerangelina.com and her blog at http://www.kernerangelina.live

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