#Review – LOVE ON THE ROCKS by Emily Anne Brandon

LOVE on the ROCKS cover

4.5 Stars



This was an enjoyable read over the holiday weekend. I have not read many books set in Scotland nor have I been to Scotland so I was excited about this experience. Coming from a small town, I can understand the struggles Lexy faces in being able to live her life without everyone in town knowing everything but also the benefit of having a town supporting you, especially after a huge loss. I had mixed emotions with Clay – I liked that he supported Lexy’s dream of painting but I didn’t like that he tried to change her painting ways. I was secretly pulling for Jamie and Lexy so I was pleased with the ending. Definitely, a feel good romance read!


What happens when a Hollywood star unexpectedly rocks up in a sleepy seaside village in Scotland?

Fiery redhead Lexy was left shocked and guilt-ridden by the tragic death of her parents seven years ago. Seven years later she is still struggling to move on, and her only steady relationship is with her one true love – Brian, the border collie.

Clay Gable is weary of the demands of fame and has fled from the Hollywood hills to the tiny Scottish village of Whitehorse Bay – a delightful place he remembers from a wonderful childhood summer many moons ago.

When their paths cross, Lexy helps Clay blend in to village life, while Clay encourages Lexy to leave her unfulfilling job and chase her dream of becoming a bona fide artist.

Meanwhile, Lexy’s ex, Jamie, is acting strangely and appears to have a secret from everyone.

Can Lexy help Jamie deal with his dark secret? And is charismatic Clay Gable the one to bring Lexy’s defences crashing down?


Emily Anne Brandon is an author of fiction for women. She released her debut novel in 2016 and tries to write whenever she can find the time.   She has now released three full length novels and a Christmas novella.

Emily lives with her husband in the north-east of Scotland and works in local government. She dreams of being a full time author and finally getting the dog she’s craved since childhood, so get one-clicking and make her dream come true!

Emily’s favourite authors include Jane Austen, Melissa Nathan, Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella.

Emily’s favourite of her own novels is Love on the Rocks, set in the beautiful, fictional village of Whitehorse Bay in her native Scotland.

When she’s not at the day job or writing, Emily can regularly be found at the cinema or in the swimming pool.

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