#Review – FOREVER IS THE WORST LONG TIME by Camille Pagán

                             FOREVER IS THE WORST LONG TIME by Camille Pagán

 4.5 Stars

ISBN: 978-1-4778-1838-1
Page count: 284pp
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
This book hit so many different aspects of daily life and struggles – the struggles of wanting to be with someone but can’t, crushing on your best friend’s significant other, facing a death of a close friend, co-parenting struggles, and more! There was an easy flow to the writing and you felt a part of the story while reading.
I received a free copy from NetGalley.

Is love destiny? Or is it a decision?

When struggling novelist James Hernandez meets poet Louisa “Lou” Bell, he’s sure he’s just found the love of his life. There’s just one problem: she’s engaged to his oldest friend, Rob. So James toasts their union and swallows his desire.

As the years pass, James’s dreams always seem just out of reach—he can’t finish that novel, can’t mend his relationship with his father, can’t fully commit to a romantic relationship. But after betrayal fractures Lou’s once-solid marriage, she turns to James for comfort.

When Lou and James act on their long-standing mutual attraction, the consequences are more heartbreaking—and miraculous—than either of them could have ever anticipated. Then life throws James one more curveball, and he, Rob, and Lou are forced to come to terms with the unexpected ways in which love and loss are intertwined.

I’m the author of Forever is the Worst Long Time;Life and Other Near-Death Experiences; and The Art of Forgetting.
I’m also a journalist and editor specializing in health. My work has appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Men’s Health, O: The Oprah Magazine, Parade, Time, WebMD, and many others. I’ve also been on staff at several national publications and websites; most recently, I served as the health editor at Real Simple magazine. I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan, where I studied English and Native American literature and worked as a research assistant in the department of cardiology at the U of M health system.

When I’m not at my computer, you’ll find me with my nose in a book, running after my two kids and our nutty dog, or planning my next trip (most likely to Puerto Rico, where my husband was born and raised). After nearly a decade in Brooklyn and a stint in Chicago, my family and I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Drop me a line or connect with me on Facebook; I’d love to hear from you.

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