#BlogTour #GetCentered – THIS TRIP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution by Jennifer B. Monahan



Dates: November 7—December 7

With the impending stress of holiday madness upon us, we all need a way to stay centered and be connected with the flow. From November — December, I have joined in  “The Survivor’s Guide to Holiday Madness” blog tour with BOOKSPARKS to feature some illuminating new winter reads.



This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution by Jennifer B. Monahan

While Jennifer Monahan has always felt connected to the spirit world, she didn’t fully realize how it had been orchestrating her life until a spur-of-the-moment trip to Yucatan, Mexico and a chance meeting with a Mayan shaman changed her life forever.

This is the true story of Monahan’s journey to finding and living her life purpose as a shaman. Filled with wisdom from her spirit guides and teachers that can benefit others looking for their life purpose, This Trip Will Change Your Life: Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution shows how finding her true path made all the synchronistic “threads” in Monahan’s life come together into a beautifully woven tapestry and life purpose that she could have never imagined on her own.


Jennifer Monahan is a business strategy consultant turned Mayan-trained shaman who incorporates natural health and life coaching in her shamanic practices. She travels to the Yucatan several times a year to continue her training and more deeply connect with the magic and mystery of the Mayan ruins. Originally from New England, she currently lives in San Francisco, CA and provides shamanic services to clients in the United States and internationally.




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