#BlogTour – EMMA’S MATCH by Franky A. Brown


Book Title: Emma’s Match

Genre: Chick Lit

Release Date: Oct 1st, 2016

Author: Franky A. Brown

AmazonUS | AmazonUK


Emma Wallace has a plan up her sleeve to save her struggling design business, but not a clue what do to about the man who has her heart.

Stealing a kiss from Will Knight years ago ended in an embarrassment she didn’t want to repeat. But when a popular new designer in town starts taking her clients and has eyes on Will, too, Emma decides it’s time to fight for what she wants. The perfectly irritating designer she wants to shove into a hole isn’t the only one who can be down-to-earth and likeable. After all, Emma’s never failed at anything…except walking the line between friendship and love. Crossing it again could mean losing Will’s friendship for good.


“Emma?” Will shouts out from a distance.

Good heavens. What is he following me for? I sniff loudly and quickly wipe the remaining moisture from my face. This is a pathetic, childish display, running out in the woods like this. Combing my fingers through my hair, I stand up and move from behind the tree so he can see me. He jogs over, seeming concerned. He looks amazing even when he’s sweating. Though he’s not dripping unattractively like I am.

He slows to a stop in front of me and places his hands on his hips. “What are you doing out here? Did you get lost? It’s not safe to take a walk in the woods by yourself. We’re trying to teach the kids the buddy system.”

I roll my eyes. “Here we go. Let’s save the big brother speech, all right?”

He studies me for a moment. “What happened to your face?”

I throw my hands out from my sides. “Jillian distracted me.”

“And she…hit you?”

With a growl under my breath, I say, “The tent attacked me.”

“Have you been crying?”

“Uh…” Forcing myself to smile, I say, “No. But if anyone did shed a tear at the sight of those bathrooms, it’d be completely understandable.”

“You can always use a tree,” he says with a wink. He walks over and puts his arm around my shoulder, leading me back toward camp. “Come on. Millie has the castle you bought all set up.”

“Oh, I should have been there to at least see how she did it.” Aware that his arm is still around my shoulders, I glance over at him through the corner of my eye. “So, did Jillian come and talk to you?”

He squints as he tries to recall it. “She mentioned something about her basket class.”

Moving out from under his arm, the zing of his touch is slow to fade. “I was only asking because, she asked me about you.”

“Asked what?”

“She asked if…” I force a short laugh and wave my hand away. “She asked if we were involved.”

His head tilts a little to the side. “Really?”

“Yes…” I force another laugh, my stomach muscles tightening. “It’s funny, right? Well, it sounded to me like she’s interested in you and wanted to make sure she wasn’t ‘stepping on my toes’.” For the last part I attempted to imitate her accent.

“What did you say to that?”

I hug myself tightly and feel ill. What does he want to hear? Is he hoping I told her we’re just friends and she should go for it? Is he holding his breath like I am and wondering if I’ll say I don’t want him dating anyone else?

Get a grip, Emma.

“I told her we’ve been friends for a long time,” I say truthfully. The truth is always the right answer. Isn’t it?

He nods and glances down at the ground. “We have, haven’t we?”

Is he disappointed? Is it too late for a do-over?



91yshp9kj2l__ux250_Franky A. Brown


Franky A. Brown has always called the South home and loves to write about it. She holds an English degree from the University of South Carolina and can’t seem to stop reading. She is the author of women’s fiction and chick lit about life, love, and Southern women.

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