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CeCe Osgood writes the Sunny Truly Mystery series.
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GUEST POST:  CeCe Osgood, author of the Sunny Truly Mystery series.

First, allow me to thank you, Kayla, for letting me writing a guest post for your blog.


Why? Because I am a Texan and this summer has had me dreaming about a vacation. Where? I’ll tell you that soon.

cece-osgoodAs a writer, I do enjoy sitting in a tiny room with a laptop, creating characters and their struggles in a fictional world, but after a while, getting outside in the real world with real people pops into my head along with the desire to see new places.

For most people, a vacation means getting away from the routine of your daily life: the commute to work, dropping off the kids at school, picking up the kids at school, fixing meals then cleaning up, and, of course, laundry, laundry, laundry.

For me, a vacation means leaving behind my daily routine too while also getting away from the voices in my head (character voices, not psycho ones). I dream of staying for days (or longer, if I won the lottery) in a completely new vista, city or country. Where would I go?

Since I live in Texas and it has been a very long hot summer, I have been dreaming of Iceland.


That’s right. Iceland, the Nordic island nation with temperatures ranging from the 20s in the winter to the 50s in the summer. Okay, so I wouldn’t go in the winter. Way too cold. But summer, yes! Definitely yes!

One thing that really appeals to me about Iceland is the population, which is only around 330,000, and the entire country is about 40,000 sq. miles. Compare that to Texas, which is around 269,000 sq. miles and has 27 million people. When I’m stuck in traffic on the freeway or standing in a long line to get tickets for a movie, l will remember those numbers, believe me.

My first  stop would be Iceland’s capital and largest city, Reykjavik.


I would love to see the city’s museums and learn about Iceland’s Viking history. Then after a day or two of seeing the city, socializing and eating, I would venture out to visit the rural areas. Iceland has active volcanoes, lava fields, mountains, and glaciers. So very different from Texas, especially the glaciers!

Of course, when you go to a new country, the most important thing to know is WHAT’S THE FOOD LIKE?


Icelandic cuisine is primarily seafood as it should be in an island nation surrounded by the waters of the Arctic. Salmon, herring, cod, lobster are staples, along with potatoes, lamb and something called skyr (pronounced “skeer”) which turns out to be a sort of yogurt. Most people rave about it.

Another favorite is pylsur, a hot dog made with lamb, pork and beef served with ketchup, raw onions or crunchy fried onions and slightly sweet mustard.

For dessert, there’s licorice, chocolate covered licorice, and licorice flavored schnapps. However, I’m not a big licorice fan so I’d opt for the blueberry flavored skyr or a stack of thin, crepe-like pancakes with sugar, cinnamon and jam.

Of course, sightseeing is a vacation essential too. Two places on my list are:

The Blue Lagoon, which is a geothermal spa with warm, mineral-rich waters.  Many visitors report their skin feeling tingly and wonderful after a dip in these waters.


And I couldn’t miss Gullfoss, a waterfall in the southwest region of Iceland.


After a day out hiking or enjoying the spa, I would return to the city to meet locals and hear more about their country, especially their Viking heritage. Hmm. I may have to write a historical murder mystery with a Viking sleuth. I love being writer because you can inspiration where ever you go.

So that’s why Iceland is my vacation destination. What’s yours?

Thank you SO much for stopping by, CeCe! Iceland looks so peaceful and serene but I don’t think I could read books poolside – BRR! My destination vacation would be GREECE! Beautiful views and delicious food! I can see myself reading a lot of books on vacation! – Kayla





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