#Review – SAFE HARBOR by Heather Wardell


4.5 Stars

Available in: Kindle, ePub, PDF, paperback

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When I first began reading this book, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy the whole ’empath’ part, as I am not a big fan of ‘paranormal’ type books BUT this book was more than that! Granted I have to experience in ’empath’ so this book was interesting to me and I could only imagine if someone truly was an ’empath’ how they would feel. This was a great story and I am glad that I read this as it did open my eyes to a new potential genre of ‘realistic paranormal’ (which I just happened to make up!)

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Celia’s always thought she was just emotional. But when she witnesses a near-murder and finds herself feeling everything the victim feels, she wonders if she’s losing her mind. There’s only one place she feels peaceful: near her new coworker. He’s just been left at the altar and he should be devastated but instead he’s quiet. Calm.

Too calm? Or could he be the safe harbor she desperately needs?


heather-wardellHeather is a natural 1200 wpm speed reader and the author of eighteen self-published novels. She came to writing after careers as a software developer and elementary school computer teacher and has no plans to leave it. In her spare time, she reads, walks, lifts weights, crochets, takes care of her aquarium and her cat Trinity, changes her hair colour, and plays drums and clarinet.

Generally not all at once.

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