#Review – THE BALANCE PROJECT by Susie Orman Schnall

The Balance Project

5 Stars



Anyone who thinks they have everything in balance or thinks someone else does, you need to read this book. The outside appearance could be put together but who is behind that scenes helping hold things together. It is important for people to understand that you cannot have everything under control and that it is important to find balance in your life. Great weekend read that I didn’t want to put down!


The Balance Project is a story of loyalty, choices, and balance that will resonate deeply with all women who struggle with this hot-button issue. Loyal assistant Lucy Cooper works for Katherine Whitney, who seems to have it all: a high-powered job at a multibillion-dollar health and wellness lifestyle company, a successful husband, and two adorable daughters. Now, with the release of her book on work-life balance, Katherine has become a media darling and a hero to working women everywhere. In reality, though, Katherine’s life is starting to fall apart, and Lucy is the one holding it all together, causing her own life―and relationship with her boyfriend Nick―to suffer. When Katherine does something unthinkable to Lucy, Lucy must decide whether to change Katherine’s life forever or continue being her main champion. Her choice will affect the trajectory of both of their lives and lead to opportunities neither one could have imagined.

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Susie Orman SchnallOriginally from Los Angeles, Susie Orman Schnall graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Schnall has written for national and local publications about parenting and health. She lives in New York with her husband and their three young boys. Visit www.susieschnall.com.



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