#BookSale – RESCUING THE BAD BOY by Jessica Lemmon @lemmony


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A nightmare. I’m having a nightmare.

But she wasn’t. If this were a nightmare, she’d be naked.

Unfortunately, the naked part had been very real. Like this moment was very real. Which meant Donny Pate was standing in her shop. For real.

He’d aged well.

Too well, she thought with a frown.

His ink-black hair no longer covered his eyes, but it was in the same longish mass that tickled her cheeks when he’d kissed her for the first time years ago. Still long and lean, his shoulders were broader, his chest more filled out. Dark denim hugged thighs with far more muscle than she remembered.

He raised one black brow and her eyes locked on to his silver-blue ones. Those hadn’t changed. They were the color of the shallows when the lake began to freeze. They were the color of cold, the color of hollow. The color of her heart the night she’d slapped him in his stupid Jeep.