#BookSale – FROSTED SWEETS by A.M. Willard

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Frosted Sweets by A.M. Willard


Kindle: http://amzn.to/25pIBTc

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1USX7hk



Morgan Lewis, the hardworking and devoted owner of the Polka Dot Cafe & Bakery, is ready to wed Simon Kensington. As she gears up for the next chapter in her life, her undying love for Simon causes her to forget what life was like before him. It’s not until a walk home with her wedding dress draped over her arm that she witness it all change. At that moment, her future was crushed with one act, one of weakness on Simons part. When she calls off the wedding of her dreams to the one she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with; Morgan has to ask herself if she can move forward. Can she become the person she once was? Or is the sweet baker gone?
Jayden’s career in production has him relocated to a new town. As he prepares for long hours and adjusting to his new life; there was one thing he wasn’t expecting. That was being knocked into by a sweet smelling baker carrying her wedding dress in the park.
His new sweet tooth gives him an unhealthy obsession to the busy bakery, where it’s more than just treats in a box.
Join us as author A.M. Willard brings you a pinch of contemporary romance, a dash of romantic comedy, and a sprinkle of chick lit wrapped in one giant cupcake.

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A.M. Willard 

“Sexy, Sassy, and Sensual Romance” 

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