I am going to go ahead and apologize now as I feel I’m neglecting my blog. Over the summer I thought about going back to school to get my PhD. It has been a thought since I graduated with my Masters in May 2012.

Well, I began my program on August 31st and am still adjusting to working full time, single mom to 2 kids, and school. Thankfully, my program is online so I have some flexibility on when I log into my class but I will tell you that an online class is so much more intense than a brick and mortar class setting.

I will be finishing up my books I have down to review within the next couple weeks. I’m not sure what my read for review plan is going forward as I love sharing my love of reading with people. I will probably still participate in blog tours, giveaways, cover reveals, and release blitzs, but just be limited on the reviews. I still have reviews to be posted so no worries about not having reviews to share! 😉

I will try to update my status on my PhD as I progress through the 3+ year program. I say ‘+’ because you never know how the dissertation process will go. :-/ (yes, I did just finish writing a paper and am finally going to bed!)


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