#Review – PRETTY IN INK by Lindsey J. Palmer

3 Stars

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I really do not like giving ‘blah’ reviews but I just couldn’t get into this book. I don’t think my timing was right on this book as I had just finished super light reads and I think you need to pay a little more attention to the characters. I was struggling to keep up with the characters and what was going on. I think I struggled the most with a different character narrating each chapter. I prefer one main narrator throughout a book. I will give this book another chance later though and update my review, if necessary.


“A sharp, hilarious romp through a spot-on believable women’s magazine.” —Sally Koslow, former Editor-in-Chief of McCall’s

“An essential novel.  .  .engaging, sensitive, and so much fun.  .  .I wanted to hang out with the women of Hers Magazine long after I’d turned the last page.” –Diana Spechler, author of Skinny

For years, Hers magazine has been a fixture on newsstands—relatable, reliable, and ever-so-slightly frumpy. But with sales slumping, Hers’ editor-in-chief soon finds a pink slip in her inbox. And her ruthless, blisteringly high-heeled replacement may not be finished cleaning house yet.  .  .

Leah Brenner suspects she won’t be on the payroll much longer either. A telecommuting, breast milk-pumping mom of three doesn’t mesh with her new boss Mimi’s vision of a sleeker, younger-skewing Hers. Not content with nabbing Leah’s office, Mimi’s protégée, Victoria, is itching to take over Leah’s duties too—and she’s not alone. As the summer rolls out, and staffers are asked to give up even their sexiest secrets to save the brand, everyone at Hers—the sycophantic new assistant; the photo editor who’s sleeping with her boss; the Ivy League intern with oversized aspirations—will fight to keep her career, and some shred of dignity, intact.

Smart, perceptive, and hilarious, Lindsey Palmer’s debut delivers an all too true-to-life tale of very different women faced with high-stakes choices in a rapidly changing—yet utterly familiar—world.  .  .

“Tantalizing.  .  .Pretty in Ink is part comic love story and part bloody valentine.” Devan Sipher, New York Times “Vows” columnist and author of The Wedding Beat

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