#FREE Book – Wednesday ONLY!! – Within Emerald Forests, Book 1 of the Cryptozoology series, by Heather Hamel

Today is the day that Book 1 of the Cryptozoology series, Within Emerald Forests, is available as a free download all day. There are three reasons for this call to action:

  1. To allow anyone who may be interested in a quick, fun, quirky read the opportunity to download Within Emerald Forests for FREE (but only as a 24-hour download)
  2. To promote book two of the Cryptozoology series, Under Sapphire Skies, which will be released tomorrow, June 11th.
  3. If enough people download the free book during the 24-hour period, I may be able to achieve “Best Seller” status on Amazon for the books category.

Just in case you don’t know what Within Emerald Forests is about, here is the information:

When Ian’s parents dropped him and his two older sisters off for the summer with their eccentric aunt and uncle in Florida, he knew this was going to be his best summer ever. After all, how many kids get to spend the summer miles from civilization and with an uncle who has a hook for a hand?

Even after being told they were in some sort of a crypto-zoological vortex where hornless unicorns and goblins are considered normal, Ian wanders off into the woods after a fight with one of his sisters. Lost, sweaty, and shoeless, Ian comes face-to-face with another legend: the Florida Skunk Ape.

Will Ian find his way back or will the swamp become his new home?

Click here to download!

Releases Thursday June 11. 2015

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